Fall 2017 Blog #2

With our research we are currently in the stage of conducting research. We were approved through IRB and have begun the process of creating our study. We created flyers to recruit individuals to participate in our focus groups. We have scheduled the focus groups, to be facilitated by myself, at the beginning of the Spring 2018 semester and the middle of semester. For these focus groups, we have created a series of questions to help facilitate and guide the conversation. We hope to get a variety of students that vary in: grade, age, gender, ethnicity, family life, location of residence, etc. Our literary review is also close to completion after another round of editing.


We recently applied for and submitted an abstract of our project to the 30th Annual Eastern Nursing Research Society (ENRS) Scientific Sessions. We applied along with other nursing majors and faculty partners who are conducting research. We were accepted to attend this in April 2018 under the title “Examining an Intervention for Stress and Burnout to Increase Student Success in Undergraduate Nursing Education”. For this, our research will be reflected of a visual, professional, poster and will be presented by myself. We are where we thought we would be in the process, and we will hit the ground running even fast during the spring semester.

Fall 2017 Blog #1

Our research journey began with a topic that I was interested in working on. This topic was nursing burnout and attrition levels. With extensive research, we realized that there were many individuals who were curious about that same topic. Many articles, old and new, were written on that topic. However, knowing how rigorous nursing programs are to get into and to stay in, we wanted to find out if nursing burnout began before a nurse’s career even began. This brought us into looking at nursing student burnout and how it affects the retention and success rates of nursing programs. The title of our research project is “Examining an Intervention for Stress and Burnout to Increase Student Success in Undergraduate Nursing Education.”

At first, Dr. Northrup and I were leaning towards a quantitative study but after doing research on the topic and outlining our plan of action, we quickly realized that a qualitative study the best way to go. While doing our literature review through Illiad, Cinhal, and PubMed, we realized that qualitative studies were lacking when it came to nursing student burnout. We have already begun exploring the Institutional Review Board process in order to do research with the students at our university and submitted an IRB proposal. Our goal is to conduct a focus group with students at different points in the nursing curriculum with a questionnaire we have created that will help us determine burnout levels in these students. This will be conducted in the Fall 2017 semester. Our research journey has been exciting and informative. Even more exciting steps are to come.