Blog Post #3

At this point in my Research I have hit a bit of a standstill where I have gather all of this information and I am analyzing it, trying to see correlations between it all. It has been a very important year for my research topic because it is regarding something that is being heavily discussed in politics and affects the lives of so many of those whom we care about and know; including my fellow classmates. Which is why it is important for me to get my research across. Finding out the best ways for higher education facilities to provide the easiest access to information that is useful to first generation students is a big task that varies within schools. It also entails providing a system for these institutions to have in place. This is a challenge within my research which I’m plan to solve. Due to the fact that my research topic has so many layers I have divided it into sub topics of: What is the status of this frequently changing situation , what system is currently in place, what improvements can we can, how can we create an on going system for these institutions and more.

Blog Post #2

Right now in the research I am currently gathering information on students in Higher Education that have mixed status families and how we can better help them succeed. In order to do this I first had to see what higher education institutions that were the metropolitan benchmarks to Pace University were already doing in efforts for these students. The following schools are our peer institute: Adelphi, DePaul, Drexel, Fordham, Hofstra, New School, Northeastern, St. John’s, and Seton Hall. However, a problem occurred when it came to identifying these students within the schools. Students are not required to identify the status of their families, except for on their FAFSA application. So what I did instead was developed a list of questions/requirements that I would look for on the schools homepage. I first searched for DACA to see what the schools response was to address the current status of this. I also checked if the school had a point person for these students to be able to contact incase they had any questions. It is important for students to have these assets available to them.

Blog Post #1

In our research project: “Serving Student from Mixed Status Families in Higher Education” Professor Rachel Simon and I intend to study college students that come from a mixed status home and support their needs, when it comes to succeeding in higher education. A Mixed Status Student is one who is a citizen but someone in their home, such as their parents are undocumented. These students are experiencing school with a fear in their mind that there is a possibility that their parents or someone in their home can be deported. We will also explore ways to support DACA students whose status may be changing in the near future. To do this we will examine policies and resources offered by colleges and universities to determine best practices to support students.

Throughout this research project we want to discuss best practices to help students from mixed status families in higher education so they can succeed and fulfill their maximum potential.

At the conclusion of the research project, I hope to see how the variety of resources provided to students affects the outcomes of the students both personally and professionally. We will be doing a qualitative research of colleges and universities to find effective practices for supporting mixed status students and DACA students