Parallel Teaching Methods

The topic I want to work on is Parallel Teaching Design with Professor Bratt. I agreed to work with her on this topic because I think it is a fascinating way to learn about a variety of subjects, especially history. Parallel teaching is a teaching style in which the students learn worldwide events that are occurring at the same time instead of just one event. This is an excellent way to show that many events are interconnected. In history this is a great way to capture the studentsā€™ attention. For example, they might not be interested in what is going on in one part of the world but they could be interested in another; the teacher can connect the two.
From this project I would like to get a deeper understanding of this method and hopefully be able to incorporate it into my lesson plans. I would like to conduct surveys in different middle schools and high schools to get the actual comments from the students who would be most effected from this method. I think it is important to have a variety of students to test to see if the results are the same across the board. Also, we can randomly separate the students and expose half of them to a regular lesson and the other half to the parallel teaching method and see which half retains more information.