Caring for the Caregiver

The title of our project is ‘Caring for the Caregiver’, the purpose of this project is test the feasibility of developing and deploying a mobile application that can detect depression in caregivers for dementia and Alzheimer’s sufferers. Our goal is to determine what markers there are for depression in those caring for others and how we can use technology in everyday situations to unobtrusively detect the onset of these symptoms early. We expect to achieve a working prototype of this applications and determine its usefulness and effectiveness for everyday users and institutions alike. We are also intrigued by learning more about the care process of those with these sorts of diseases and the sort of toll this takes on a caregiver (a factor that is not often thought about) and how we can help.

The way we will go about our research is by survey the options that are currently available in this field of technology. We will take these options and critique them to see what is done well and what needs improvement. Our goal is to create an application that bridge together many functions of technology whilst being seamless and simple in its execution. We will do extensive research into what is available now and what we think should be available or should be a feature of any existing application.