Stats 2 Go Final Report

Nick Terrasi

John Capalbo

Stats 2 Go

            This summer we have been determined to develop an application where sports meet technology.  Technology has taken over our world and has made everything easier.  Now it’s time to take technology into the sports world.  Stats 2 Go will be an application where technology will replace the pencil and paper.

We first researched to see if there are any applications like Stats 2 Go. We found a couple of applications that are similar, but do not provide the information that we would like to provide Stats 2 Go users. The applications we found to be similar to our idea includes Game Changer, and The Score.  We tested each application as if it were our own and found that each one did not supply real time statistic updates.  We would like Stats 2 Go to be able to give players, coaches, parents, and scouts real time scoring updates, so that they are aware of what the score is and how scored if they are not at the game or have missed a play that just happened.  Another key feature that we would like to incorporate into Stats 2 Go and that is not in any other applications is the notes feature.  This feature will incorporate a notes section for each individual player in our database. The note section will provide scouts with a section to write about a particular player to remind them what the player’s strengths and weaknesses are.

After we found out our competition we decided to meet with high school and college coaches in the area to see if they were interested in an application like Stats 2 Go.  We have received the same response from every coach; “This is a great idea for an application if you can make it happen.” We are determined to make Stats 2 Go a reality and that is why we are continuing to survey coaches to be able to gather information on other ideas we will be able to place into the application.  The coaches’ think it is a great idea for basketball because all of the information is stored in one book and the results are inputted using pencil and paper.  We told them how about making these statistics live and always have access to any player in the database?  They thought this would change the game of basketball for good. In fact the coaches provided us with another use of our application. The coaches looked at the application as a great way to change and modify their game plan based off of the statistics they would have at half time. The great thing about this application is that while the game is being played, a coach can view the statistics of the opposing team they are playing and modify their game plan by doing so. All in all every coach we interviewed truly felt this would be a very useful application and would love to implement Stats 2 Go.

In order to get the ball rolling even further, we have also found a programmer that we are using to help us develop our application, and have even began to make a model of our database. We hope to have the application finished in the fall. The development of this application has helped us to expand our knowledge of the many tools that are available to us.

In conclusion, we have found that while there are similar applications that exist, none offer real time statistics for high school or the college level. We truly believe that Stats 2 Go will be a game changer in the sports statistics market. So far we have had great success with our results and they will only help to push the development of our application further.

Stats 2 Go Blog #2

John Capalbo – Nick Terrasi

Blog #2

                From our last blog we have made much progress. This includes creating a model of a database, a model for our interface, interviewing coaches from a university and high schools, and also researching cloud storage providers. Finally, we have also found a programmer/developer that will be helping us code our project.

The project and data is right on schedule. In terms of progress with our database, we are almost finished developing a model database including establishing our entities, attributes and relationships, and are even beginning to test how inputting the data would work. We have also found a great developer that should help us create the front end of the application.  The front end of the application will help end users easily input the data into the database.

In terms of the feedback and results we have gotten from research we have done on our project topic, we can conclude that this would be a very useful application. Primarily this application would be useful to coaches, scouts, and parents of sports players. We have also found there are similar applications to ours but none of them offer what we are trying to develop. This is offering real time updates of sport statistics. We also learned that coaches would find this very useful, especially to use and review at halftime, in order to form a more successful game plan against rival teams. Having statistics constantly updated can give them insight to whether or not their game plan is working. When it comes to scouts of colleges or universities, or even for the professional level, we have learned that it can greatly help scouts narrow down which player they would like to choose for their own teams. Finally, our greatest success and feedback has come with the interviewing of coaches from different high schools. We gave them a questionnaire to figure out how useful this application would be to them. Many of them thought this would be a wonderful application and certainly could be useful to them, and explained that while similar apps exist, none of the competitors offer real time and give statistics for high school players.

The challenges we faced when tackling this project was organizing and creating our database. The database creation is difficult because not only is the database going to require large space, but also it is difficult to connect the relationships between each entity.  It also took us some time to find the proper developer who would be the right fit for an application of this kind. Finally, we still face the challenge of finding a cloud storage provider to host our database.  There are many cloud storage providers out there, but we need to find one that will give us a good price for hosting this large database. Also, we need to find the right storage provider that will allow us to place a front-end graphical user interface on the database.

From this project we have not only learned how this application would be of use but also how to develop a successful database. This means learning how to connect all the attributes and entities in a successful manner. Finally, we learned every step that is needed to make a successful application, including the time and patience it takes to do so.

This project has had a major impact on our future plans related to sports and technology.  We feel that sports and technology need to be better in place for sports.  As sports players we find it annoying not knowing our statistics game to game. This project will assist us in bringing technology to benefit sport players, coaches, and even parents.  Not only did we learn how important technology is to individuals, but how useful technology makes everything.  This technology will not only save trees, but it will save the bookkeeper much trouble.

Stats To Go

Stats to Go

Nick Terrasi
John Capalbo

Our research project Stats To Go is about developing an app that provides sports teams, parents and most importantly scouts with real-time statistics during a sports game. While there are many apps that give you statistics after a game there are little to none that give you statistics while the game is currently being played.

There are many things we expect to learn from this project:

  1. Learn all the steps to developing a successful application.
  2. Understand all of the functions of a successful application (programming, database management, etc.)
  3. We hope to learn and successfully code our application.
  4. Finally we hope to learn how IT and Sports can work together in a successful manner.

Our research methods include interviewing coaches to find out how useful an application like this would be to them. We are also downloading other similar apps that provide sports statistics to compare to the interface we are developing for our own app. The second reason we are downloading them is because we want to figure out how we can separate our application from theirs and also how to make ours more efficient than their application. Thirdly, we are trying to break down the programming of the similar applications to give us a better direction for when we have to come up with our own code. These conclude our research methods.