Progress – Blog #2

Ashley Jimenez- Murphy

August 10, 2014

UG Research Program

Blog #2

As mentioned in my first blog, a goal of Professor Clayton and I was to send out a survey to the first round of teacher education candidates who completed this assessment. The first round of surveys has been sent to the teacher candidates. Within the next few weeks we will be organizing the data from these surveys. We will also be getting access to the scores of the teacher candidates and organizing that data as well. Another goal I had for this summer was to gain more information about the edTPA. I have been researching and reviewing several policy documents about the edTPA and its implementation in New York State.


Some questions we want answered through the surveys and the scores are the main goal of the research: What was the candidate’s experience with the edTPA? How did participating in the edTPA impact what and how candidates learned through the student teaching experience? Also depending on the data we receive more questions will arise.


A challenge that we have faced with this project is the amount of student who will actually complete the survey. Due to it being the summer time, many of the teacher candidates will not be in the mindset of filling out surveys or completing interviews. Many who are recent graduates might not be paying attention to their Pace E-mail. The survey will be sent a couple more times to those who have not responded.

On the flip side, a success that we have had with this project was the creation of a survey and around 15 students who have responded to the survey. Although this may seem like a number it is a start. This will give us starting data to go over.

Another success I have experienced during this project was the completion of the NIH Training. I completed the National Institutes of Health Office of Extramural Research Web-based training course “Protecting Human Research Participants.” This prepared me on how to handle research with our teacher candidates, specifically with the survey as well as confidentiality of any date we receive.

With reviewing the policy documents, I have been learning about the edTPA. I started with the chronology of the assessment nationally, with a primary focus of the chronology in New York. With each document I reviewed the rationale, benefits/challenges, and what good teaching is according to the edTPA. Thus far, each document describes the edTPA as a predictor of effective teaching and student learning that will ultimately prepare teacher candidates to become successful teachers.

I am excited to review the responses by the teacher candidates on the survey. This will give me an insight on their experience with the edTPA. On the survey we ask questions pertaining to how the edTPA affected their student teaching, their relationship with their mentor teacher, and as well as their thoughts throughout the process. This will be a great insight for me due to the fact that the next spring semester I will be taking the edTPA. This will greatly prepare me for when I take this assessment.


Blog #1 – Understanding the edTPA

Ashley Jimenez- Murphy

UG Summer Research Blog #1

Understanding the edTPA as a High-Stakes Assessment in New York State: Policy Meets Practice in the Student Teaching Experience

The purpose of this project is to describe the first round of policy implementation of the edTPA for the teacher licensure in New York State from key perspectives. The edTPA is performance assessment to help determine if new teachers are ready to enter the profession with the skills necessary to help all of their students learn. It is intended to be used for teacher licensure and to support state and national program accreditation, and to support program renewal. Overall the goals of our research includes a review of the policy documents that are related to the edTPA in New York State and a descriptive review of the experiences from the perspectives of the first round of teacher education candidates (student teachers) who have completed the edTPA in one program.

During the summer, both Professor Clayton and I will be collecting and reviewing New York State policy documents about the edTPA. In order to gather information on the perspectives of the first round of teacher education candidates who completed this assessment, we will be reviewing edTPA submissions. WEewill also be sending out an electronic survey and later interview student teachers to get data on their perspectives and experience with the edTPA.

I expect to gain more information on the edTPA, especially the experience of those who have recently completed this assessment. It is important to me to do this research in order to help those who will be completing the edTPA as the future of many careers depend on it, including my own. This will directly affect teacher candidates. Already I am learning about the policy, implementation and the assessment itself. I am eager to keep learning and reviewing documents and data received from the teacher candidates who directly experienced the edTPA.