Blog #2

Since the last blog, our research project has developed and we have made many strides and have crossed many tasks off of our research checklist. Some of those tasks include reviewing in depth the current research on our topic and beginning a literature review, registering with IRB, creating an informed consent document for the human research subjects, and creating a flyer to attract nursing majors to participate in our study, and compiling a list of questions for our student interviews.

Some of our successes include frequent and open communication between Dr. Northrup and I and swiftly completing tasks to get our research to where we want it to be. Some difficulties include needing to wait for the school year to conduct our nursing student interviews and not having many current articles or research about our specific topic to use as a guide.

I have learned that the research process is always changing. I have learned to let the process guide the project instead of letting my original idea of the project control the process. The ending product may be very different from the original idea, but that is the beauty of research.

This research project has made a lasting impression on me. As someone who has always found research very intimidating, I have learned that by taking it step by step, it can be an enjoyable journey. For this upcoming year, Dr. Northrup and I will be conducting interviews on junior nursing students, compiling the data, and obtaining conclusions based on the interviews.

Blog Post #1- “Examining an Intervention for Stress and Burnout to Increase Student Success in Undergraduate Nursing Education.”

Our research journey began with a topic that I was interested in working on. This topic was nursing burnout. With extensive research, we realized that there were many individuals who were curious about that same topic. Many articles, old and new, were written on that topic. However, knowing how rigorous nursing programs are to get into and to stay in, we wanted to find out if nursing burnout began before a nurse’s career even began. This brought us into looking at nursing student burnout and how it affects the retention and success rates of nursing programs. The title of our research project is “Examining an Intervention for Stress and Burnout to Increase Student Success in Undergraduate Nursing Education.”

At first, Dr. Northrup and I were leaning towards a quantitative study but after doing research on the topic and outlining our plan of action, we quickly realized that a qualitative study the best way to proceed. While doing our literature review through Cinhal and PubMed, we realized that qualitative studies were lacking when it came to nursing student burnout. We have already began exploring the Institutional Review Board process in order to do research with the students at our university. Our goal is to conduct interviews with students at different points in the nursing curriculum with a questionnaire we have created that will help us determine burnout levels in these students. Our research journey has been exciting and informative and even more exciting steps are to come.