Research progress

So far, we have ran one set of participants and have data from them. This week, we will run one more set of participants. Some trends I have noticed are that most people are open to support from people at work when something good happens to them, although few seek out this support. More people look for support when something bad happens to them. For both good and bad events, the majority of participants shared their feelings with coworkers. Some shared their events with subordinates, but few shared with their supervisors. I hypothesized that the majority would share events with coworkers because they are constantly around them and know the daily struggles of work. So far, I don’t have any questions because we are still collecting data from participants.

Some challenges have been making sure participants answer on time. It was also challenging at first to get used to Qualtrics. I have learned a lot about the research process through this project. To have a survey finalized for participants, you have to run many tests to make sure it will work. Recruiting participants isn’t as simple as it seems. Research can be tedious when you have to constantly set up emailing participants. Overall, I feel success in recruiting people and having them complete most of the survey days. This project has made me want to continue researching and has given me a new appreciation for people who research and get published.

By: Christina Marciante

How the nature of work relationships influences the benefits of positive support in the workplace

     The title of the project I am doing with Dr. Gosnell is “how the nature of work relationships influences the benefits of positive support in the workplace.” Our project will examine whether providing support for positive events will benefit the group through greater organizational identification, commitment, and satisfaction. My component will be examining the differences in benefits based on the nature of the relationship. The goal of this research is to further understand workplace support and connectivity. I hypothesize that providing positive support will help people feel more connected to their workplace and people will feel better about their achievements if the support came from a superior. Although, I also think that people will be more likely to share their positive and negative events with coworkers.

     To conduct this study, we had to finalize and submit an IRB. To answer our research question, Dr. Gosnell and I put together a daily diary survey that will be emailed to our participants every day for two weeks. This diary will track how daily fluctuations in event disclosures and support received influences organizational outcomes.  I already entered the survey questions in Qualtrics and we ran several trails to make sure the survey is functioning correctly and doesn’t take too much time to complete. Our questions range from basic demographics to asking whether people had positive or negative events that day, whether that was shared with anyone, and how their mood was affected. Currently, we are finding places to advertise our study and recruit participants. Once we recruit participants we will administer the dairies and later analyze the data to help us understand how support received influences workplace dynamics.

By: Christina Marciante