Units covered/Conference Presentations/Career Plans

Conducting this research during the academic year has taught me how to find data on the challenges and successes for students with ASD at Post-Secondary institutions. These impacts have reinforced and given greater understanding of my diagnosis of ASD. Our units involve working together with faculty, and myself in examining and researching specific characteristics of autism. It is my intent to take what I have researched and learned to enlighten communities about the autism in so many factors that influence the way they are being educated. I would like to address the neuro-typical and the autism communities about the rights and responsibilities of both: the neuro-typical community to understand and not discriminate against the autistic student, and the autistic student to know their responsibilities in fulfilling all of the requirements to earn a higher educational degree.

Having spent the academic year expanding my research on seven additional units, I have been able to find information on the political outcomes of students with Autism Spectrum Disorders going to college, ways to measure the progress of students with learning needs, new activities that can be utilized when obtaining comprehensive support, the challenges of having certain rights while being enrolled in less structured environments, and images that explain the biological differences of the autistic and neuro-typical brain. I have also read about other comprehensive support programs around the country that have similar goals. During the academic year, have done presentations at these two conferences in two different institutions with one in the fall and one in the spring:


  • 2018 College Inclusion Summit Conference                     University of Vermont
  • 38th Annual Meeting of Dyson Society of Fellows          Pace University


Eventually, I will present at the showcase, which will happen in the beginning of May before I graduate. In terms of carrying my undergraduate research towards my career in global awareness, it is my objective to help international communities embrace the awareness of the challenges and successes of people on the autism spectrum.