An Analysis of New York State Hispanic Representation: Blog 1

The title of my Undergraduate Student-Faculty Research project is “An Analysis of New York State Hispanic Representation in Local Government”. The purpose of this research is to analyze the representation of Hispanics in local government, by comparing the demographics of counties, cities, and towns to their respective elected officials. This research will measure rates of underrepresentation in New York state at the local level and explore their origins and possible impacts. According to the 2017 United States Census Bureau, Hispanics make up 19.2% of the New York state population, making it the state with the fourth largest Hispanic population. With New York State having one of highest Hispanic population in the United States one would hope to find proper representation of this demographic. I presume to come to a conclusion that fully opposes this sentiment within my research.

I expect to achieve findings that demonstrate significant disparities between Hispanic representation in locally elected government positions within counties, cities, and towns. Especially within jurisdictions of large Hispanic populations in New York state. There are a multitude of variables that lead to the underrepresentation of Hispanic officials, the most notable being low voter turnout in local elections. When it comes the impact of the potential lack of representation for Hispanics, it could affect the diligence of local governments addressing certain issues faced by Hispanic communities in New York state.

The type of research method I will be conducting is quantitative methods where the data will be collected through pre-existing statistical data which leads to objective measurements of the analyzed data. I will gather pre-existing data through the United States Census Bureau data on Voting Age Population by Citizenship and Race (CVAP) and the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, which compiles annual lists of Latinos elected to federal, state, and local government positions. This quantitative research will focus on gathering numerical data collected from these resources that should lead to a generalization of New York state Hispanic representation in comparison to the demographics of what these municipalities govern.