The Predictive Relationship Between Obesity Criteria and Neuropsychological Deficits Update

In order to clarify the relationship between cognitive deficits and three definitions of obesity: BMI, Height-to-Waist ratio, and Hip-to-Waist ratio, Dr. Adams and myself decided to continue our individual studies in to the past research done based on BMI, Height-to-Waist ratio, and Hip-to-Waist ratio. So far we have no data just yet. However, I am currently scheduled with several doctors at Columbia University Medical Center, Wyckoff Hospital, and St. Luke’s Hospital within the upcoming weeks. I will hopefully be able to obtain more neurological and psychological insights of obesity from these professionals.

We are currently preparing to submit our proposal to the IRB and after their approval we will begin to collect participants that fit the current profiles for obesity (e.g. a Male at age 16, Height 5’3 and Weighs 169.01lbs would be considered obese). I am going to collect these participants through the NYC Pace Campus student body and then we will administered three neurological exams on each. The exams will look in to IQ estimate, verbal memory, and executive functioning. After that we will begin to analyze the results discovered.

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