The Predictive Relationship Between Obesity Criteria and Neuropsychological Deficits Update

So far our progress is a bit up and down. To explain, Dr. Adams and I both have learned a lot from the individual research we have done to gain a background and insight on to our topic. We also have laid out plans to carry out the final stages of our research, but we ran in to an issue with the IRB. They have gotten back to us with comments and issues with our application. We are currently addressing them and will have the application ready for resubmission as soon as possible.

            Furthermore, we have mainly experienced challenges besides the IRB. For example, we are trying to find ways of collecting participants to help us; we are also trying to finding a nursing student to accompany us in a section of our study, and finding incentives for the participants and volunteers. We are doing the best we can to address all issues. We cannot exactly start collecting patients without approval by the IRB; therefore we are working on the IRB application first. I have already contacted a friend that works for Macy’s and my former employers at BestBuy to see if we can get donations of gift cards that we can use as incentives. I am waiting to hear back, hopefully I can hear back soon.

            I am learning firsthand the true difficulties doing research can have. I have done research for my Experimental Psychology class and I have had some degree of difficulty, but now I truly understand what can come from it. For the actual research overall, I have learned the different ways obesity is recorded and defined, cognitive function in relation to body weight from previous related research. As of right now we are hoping to do as much as we can with the time we have left and be able to resolve all that we can.

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