Blog #3

It is now a critical time in my research process. After working on developing a thorough literature review and seeing what similar research has shown, it is time for me to analyze the results from my survey. I have never done research quite as extensive as this so I am both excited to see the results and what they will dictate, as well as nervous. I know I have full support from my advisor but it is still an intimidating concept to analyze research like this when you have never been in this sort of situation. I am ready to dive in though, and I know that this will be a learning and growing experience for me.

As the deadlines for my research are growing closer, I know the critical nature of this time in my research process is so important. This is the time where I will truly discover if all of the time I have spent wondering what my results will yield will finally come to light. I downloaded the results from my survey today and will begin analyzing them over the course of the next few weeks. I look forward to this extensive process and cannot wait to put my final results into my report. I am ready to share with my community what I have discovered.

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