Blog Post 3

For my research on gentrification, I have begun interviews with people impacted by the recent changes in Brooklyn. The goal is to bring a qualitative element to the project to show how real people are dealing with displacement and the changing demographics. We will ask if they know anyone has been displaced or if has impacted them in any way, what subtle changes they notice around them, and how they feel about the overall trend. How, if at all, is Brooklyn different now than it was a decade or two ago? We have an understanding of the policies and events that brought New York from a financial crisis to the economic powerhouse it is now, but what does it look like on the ground for the people who witnessed the transformation? A difficulty we are having is coordinating schedules and finding room in people’s schedules.

For Voces, we are collecting more essays from Latinxs in the New York area. We want to showcase the broad spectrum of experience and show there is not one singular Latinx narrative in the United States. I am writing a piece for it and a difficulty I am having is trying to properly word my experiences in a way that is meaningful for the reader. Some of the new authors are having similar difficulties finding ways to identify and write about issues that are personal to them.

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