Use of Freedom of Information Laws by college journalists

The title of the project I am doing with Dr. Fink is “use of Freedom of Information Laws by college journalists.” The objective of our project is to see how college journalists  have used  Freedom on Information (FOI) laws to help  benefit them when it comes to publishing  a story, along with the methods that these college journalists would use  in regards to FOI laws. As well has the difficulties that they ran into.

In the Fall I will be the editor-in-chief of The Pace Chronicle, so I hope that from learning how other college journalists used FOI laws to help write stories it will make stories better for myself and the rest of the chronicle staff.

In order to obtain this research I will take notice and listen to all the interviews that Dr. Fink does  with all of the college journalists and listen to the process they had to go through in terms of using FOI laws. What Professor Fink and I learn from the interviews we will apply to our project and I will apply it the school paper.

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