Blog Entry 2

I’ve run into some problems with getting my samples to grow continuously when I need them and to grow fast enough for my identifications. When I was trying to grow some of my samples from last semester up from frozen stocks, the media got contaminated and they all had to be discarded, much to my dismay. This one mistake alone set me back days as I had spent two days on that process and had to completely restart it the next day. Once things did grow, they occasionally would stop growing when I needed them. I work with a large variety of bacteria that are very different, so they all have different preferences and grow times. This makes my research very challenging and it does not always go as I planned.

I’ve had a lot of setbacks because of all of this and was not able to reach my goal of beginning the NAD/NADH glow assays before I the second blog post was due, but I will have them started before the fall semester resumes. I have about finished my bacterial identifications and I am researching ways to quantify PCB levels that are quick and affordable now. I had to leave town for a while to see family, so I had to wrap things up and I am just beginning to restart everything, which takes a long time.

We want to understand how the PCBS may be affecting the bacteria, but there is so little information about it, so I will be reviewing papers that describe the cellular changes that PCBs cause in humans then see if there are any analogous qualities in bacteria that could be causing changes. Hopefully this will help us understand the possible changes that may have occurred in the ecosystem in response to the PCB contamination.

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