Blog #1: Research, College, Service, and Lots of Reading

Dear Undergraduate Researchers, Students, Faculty, and Staff,

Hello, my name is Rachel Skopp-Cardillo. I am a second-year college student that goes to Pace University in Pleasantville, New York. So far, my semester is going really well, but my favorite thing to do is to go to the Mortola Library and read literacy research for my research project. My research project is on how Pace undergraduate students, from the city (urban campus) and Pleasantville (suburban campus), engage in civic engagement and public service. Tyler Kalahar, Heath Novak, and I hope to get this information from literacy research and by conducting a 10 question survey.

Our goal is to collect over 600 surveys from Pace undergraduate students from the urban and suburban campuses. Basically, my hope is that the 10 question long survey and the literacy research will answer my research question: “what is the difference between urban and suburban campuses when it comes to civic engagement and public service?”

Overall, all I want to achieve from this project is to learn the research process. That way I can replicate it on my own when I go to graduate school. I am just very grateful that I get to conduct this research project and have this opportunity as an undergraduate student.

Best Wishes,

Rachel Skopp-Cardillo!


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