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Dear Undergraduate Researchers, Students, Faculty, and Staff,

Can you believe it’s already December? I guess the saying is true. Time really does fly when you are having fun. Especially, when you are a busy research intern, who loves research more than sleep! Just in case y’all have forgotten, my research project is on how Pace undergraduate students, from the city (urban campus) and Pleasantville (suburban campus), engage in civic engagement and public service.

Tyler Kalahar, Heath Novak, and I are to getting the information and results from literacy research and by conducting an online survey on Since October, our goal was to send the Qualtrics survey out at the beginning of December. The survey would only be sent to Pace students from the city and Pleasantville. However, the survey would only be sent to Pace students who took a civic engagement class in the Fall 2017 semester. Tyler, Heather, and I wanted to collect over 600 surveys before December 21st 2017.

On December 4th 2017, we sent out the Qualtrics 12-question survey via email. We wanted students to open the email and actually take the survey. So Tyler and Heather asked me to draft a creative email that would make student open the survey email. So I came up with this:

“ Congratulations,

You are the Chosen One.

And as the Chosen One, you are hereby asked to take this survey about civic engagement:


(This survey will only take two minutes of your time)


Have an amazing day, Chosen One!

Best Wishes,”


With the help of this different and creative email. As of Sunday, December 10th 2017, we have 106 responses out of 1006 survey sent.

Five of questions are ranking grid questions, six are “yes/no” questions, and one question is a multiple choice question. Here are two example of questions that are in the survey:

Even though, we have just started our data collection.  I am already stunned by some of the results. One of the ranking grid questions said: “I don’t think my elected officials care about what people think about them.” Out of 106 responses, 34.58% “somewhat agreed” with the statement. Yet 67.29% of students answered “no” in taking part of a march or protest on a local or national issue in the last year. Also, 37.38% answered “no” for voting in the most recent election. The results were something I didn’t think I would get at all, but we are still collecting results and maybe the results will change.

Our goal for the New Year is to send the same Qualtrics survey to Pace students in the City and Pleasantville in late January. However, we want to send the survey to civic engagement students before they really start their classes in the semester. The December survey is really just a test survey for Tyler, Heather, and I to see if it’s a clear and credible survey.


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