Blog Post #3

Dear Undergraduate Researchers, Students, Faculty, and Staff,

Just in case y’all have forgotten, my research project is on how Pace undergraduate students, from the city (urban campus) and Pleasantville (suburban campus), engage in civic engagement and public service. Tyler Kalahar, Heath Novak, and I are to getting the information and results from literacy research and by conducting an online survey on

So far, we are going to be sending out another survey to students in civic engagement classes. We want to send it out after everyone comes back from Spring Break. The challenges of this project are just waiting for the results. The successes of this project are receiving the results.

What I have learned from the project is how to find peer-reviewed research and how to apply to my works outside of this project. For example, I am working on a documentary about Puerto Rico and the after-effects of Hurricane Mara and these researching skills came in handy to help find/tell the story for this documentary.

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