From Seedling to Harvest: A Transformative Model of Community Empowerment

The working title of this project is From Seedling to Harvest: A Transformative Model of Community Empowerment.  The purpose of this project is to document the extent to which community farms (specifically in the Bronx) have saved and exchanged seeds during dire times.  This project will take a creative approach toward exploring the formation and development of seed banking in disenfranchised communities from 1970s NYC-present day.  The changing landscape of New York City has both threatened its biodiversity while simultaneously and unintentionally thrusting underserved residents into food sovereignty movements. Practices such as seed-saving and protecting pollinators were—and continue to be— key acts of resistance.  The food sovereignty movement holds an array of intersecting stories and important narratives of those that have invested true sweat equity to the cause.  I feel that the language of the food movement is often times co-opted and compartmentalized in a way that is unproductive, and visual art can be a medium for a just way of expression and repossession of community agency.

In terms of methods, I have created a production schedule, where we will be using case-study research in the Bronx to create a storyline that is organic.  We have recruited friends and colleagues to be an audience to our process, offering feedback.  The storyboard is set and film shooting has begun.  I will be learning the basics of editing and formatting for this project. I have no previous experience with film production as a medium for my research findings, and this challenge is exciting.

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