From Seedling to Harvest: A Transformative Model of Community Empowerment

Currently, we are still in production of the short film, with the working title, From Seedling to Harvest: A Transformative Model of Community Empowerment.  We have worked diligently to record the growth of a radish plant, of which I will time-lapse into the storyline for its symbolism and for a nice visual effect.  This aspect was inspired by the incredible documentary, Seeds: The Untold Story, directed by Taggart Siegel and Jon Betz.  The process of interviewing and dissecting interviews to choose audio clips from that fit the storyline has been difficult and tedious, but fun nonetheless.  I am mostly using interviews from the last undergraduate research project I completed on urban gardening in the Bronx.  My interviews for that project were very engaging and raw, making this prime material for the short film.  I am very conscientious about getting consent from all people involved in the making of the film and I am overwhelmed by the excitement and willingness from friends in the food movement to get involved.

Dedicating the amount of energy and time to a big creative project like this atop life responsibilities is definitely a challenge.  Having to budget a creative project is also difficult, but I was able to purchase lenses for my phone camera instead of a professional camera which was definitely cost-effective.  I feel successful in pursuing a film project because I have no previous experience with it, and it is coming along beautifully.  I definitely plan to pursue funding further for it to develop it to my true vision.  I feel that what I am creating could really have in impact in drawing people into the food justice movements of New York City, specifically the South Bronx.  From this project, I am learning that taking risks in your research and stepping outside of the box is exhilarating.

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