Blog Post 3

For the past months, there has been a great deal of progress for the research that I am working on. I have been able to acquire adequate results for my project. A lot of patience and understanding is invested in my research since I am working on a living organism. It is important to be up to date with any details that involve the subject of my research. The scientific community is always updating their knowledge and adding on to it, and it’s very important to keep up.

Specifically, in my research, I have been concentrating on a gene that is known to encode for levamisole resistance. There is not a lot of profound information out there that specifically describes the links between levamisole and cell division. This has been a slight challenge, although I was able to find an adequate publication that had correlated levamisole to cancer therapy. This is a big step forward for my research and new knowledge in my research can help us better understand the research project in its entirety.

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