Final Report

My research project is one of the most amazing experiences thus far in my academic career. I learned so many things not only about my topic, but also about my work ethic and the nature of conducting research. I never believed I could undertake a project of this size but after finally typing up my final results and sending it over to my advisor for edits, I feel a sense of accomplishment I never had the pleasure of experiencing before in my academic career.

The results of my research were quite interesting. Although my research methods presented limitations that I had to consider while analyzing my results, I found that my results presented an interesting twist I was not expecting. While trying to find a connection between our linguistic choices and gender identity within a workplace setting, I found that regardless of gender or status, politeness was the most important factor while making linguistic choices.

I learned ultimately that I am capable of conducting research and generating a report about my research that is thorough and complete. Knowing the student I was at the beginning of college, I do not believe I would have deemed myself capable to complete a task as immense as this one. Yet, here I stand at the end of my insightful journey. I also am proud of myself for another reason. My projected career path does not include research or academic composing like required for this research. Yet I now know if I ever wish to return to a university and conduct research that contributes to academia, I have the tools necessary to do so. I am overwhelmingly thankful for the opportunity given to conduct this research and to contribute to Pace’s community of students venturing to discover their own answers to their own questions.

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