Blog Post 2

Since the first blog, there has been a substantial amount of progress in my study with Professor Pantic. I have been able to thoroughly examine and interpret the business models that are employed by local news organizations across the country.

From the information that we have obtained, I think it is interesting how these distinct newspapers and digital-only news organizations aim to make a profit. From the interviews that were conducted, it is clear that the organizations under study don’t have a specific business model to maintain financial stability. Instead, they are all experimenting with different strategies like reader donations, organized events, paywalls, and more. However, it is also evident that many of these news media organizations do have one business strategy in common, which involves relying on advertisements.

The only question I have regarding the data that we’ve collected is how long will it take for these news organizations to actually gain sustainability and notice an increase in revenue, with the mentioned strategies. While this question is hard to answer, I assume that these strategies will eventually bring prominence amongst news organizations.

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