Blog #3: Progress on Chitosan research

As stated on previous posts, this research project studies the enhancement of the antibacterial and UV resistance properties of chitosan with natural oils and powders, and how the final product would work as a natural, organic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly wound dressing. The main results so far is that bergamot and turmeric oils works the best in enhancing the antibacterial property of chitosan, and the mushroom complexes used not only enhanced the same property, but worked as a great UV resistant.

Some challenges experienced so far is that some results were not the ones expected. For example, we tested chitosan sheets with prickly pear oil, which is know to have great UV resistance and antibacterial properties but the results did not demonstrate that. We are continuing testing mixtures of oils and powders that worked well by themselves, and we are hopeful to find the right ratio that will constitute the future wound dressing.

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