Blog 4: End of the Year Report

I love chemistry, but even more than that, I love the Earth. To study the  connection between the two of them is a dream of mine and my research project does a little bit of that. I study the antibacterial, antimicrobial and UV resistance properties of chitosan, a substance that comes from chitin, which is present in the shell of crustaceans, and how to enhance those properties with oils and powders that come from the Earth. We are trying to come up with the best ratio of chitosan, oils and powders that will work the best against bacteria as a wound dressing. A natural, environmental friendly wound dressing that fits today’s society.

My mentor came up with this project after I told her my love for our planet and the subject I study, and I couldn’t love it more. So far, we were able to determine that bergamot and turmeric oils are the best in enhancing the aforementioned properties of chitosan, and that mushrooms work the best against UV light. Throughout the whole process, we hit lots of dead-ends where none of the powders an/or oils were giving any results but my mentor helped me in determining which ones would work the best. But mid Spring semester, we had to hit the pause button on our research. Because of COVID-19, campus is closed and so are the labs. But our love for this research is still going and so are the literature researches, and I cannot wait for the Fall to arrive so I can get back at it in the lab with full force.

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