Blog 4

This academic year, I had an great opportunity to conduct research with Dr.Xu. Our goal of this research was to see if Taylor’s law is able to forecast the future stock prices and if it is possible which type of Taylor’s law produces the most power projection. During this research, time management was definitely a challenge for me,since I have both school work and internship to care about also. But from this semester’s experience, I did learn a lot about how to balance things out.

During this research project, since we are using R(programming language)as the researching tool, I need learn more about R on my own to know what function and what package would be useful for my research. In addition, I have learned more statistics concept throughout this research, such as exponential smoothing, ARIMA model, and etc.

For the outcome of our research, we have started using some more advanced model in order to forecast future stock prices. However one of the disadvantage of those model is that we cannot predict unforeseen situation that has great impact on the market such as the COVID-19 situation. So our goal is to predict the market price if the market still operate as normal.

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