Blog 4: Polynomial Anonymous Dynamic Distributed Computing without a Unique Leader

Since the last blog post, more data has been gathered compared to the last. We (me and my professor) have submitted the full version of the theory to journals with all the details now fixed. Also, 10 of the 13 pending executions for the deterministic algorithm have now finished!

As a result, we now have a lot more data. So in order to make our research and the paper more “story-able,” we need to make small modifications and run those simulations. The next step will be for me to plot the data using the GNU plot and find a relationship or correlation/causation that can be made story-able. The hope of the small modifications in phases in our research is to find the sweet spot that can find reduce the speed by reducing the rounds and number of phases for the algorithm. After all these modifications are made we can remotely run it for the HPC computer in the university virtually.

For me personally, from the undergraduate research experience, I learned much about working and communicating regularly with my professor and the ins and outs of working with an HPC computer along with learning new APIs such as Java aparapi along with now currently with learning GNU plot to plot the data in a way that is optimal for the paper. The initiative for the project was to give me hands-on experience and make me learn through taking action on figuring out and theorizing relationship and ideas with the research.

I have learned numerous languages and theoretical concepts from the experience and I plan to learn more by hopefully completing this research with the professor after the program and then trying to publish the work in a journal hopefully. The overall school year has to lead me to accomplish a lot and I am looking forward to accomplishing even more in the time to come.

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